Rockabye Baby

Last night I fell asleep in a hammock on the roof.   Featured image is my sleepy little puppy, and the pictures below are the actual roof and hammock where I slept last night. I still have not shaken off the jet lag after coming back from China two days ago. After several hours of [...]



Last week was not a smooth one. I had trouble focusing and got tired easily because I was impatient with a lot of things. I was impatient with the weather, which has been lingering around 40 degrees even though we are almost half way through April, and the sunlight, warmth, and vivaciousness that ought to [...]

Real Talk: Truth and Lies about Fitness

As a student athlete, I have told plenty of times the stories about how playing sports taught me important lessons of resilience, perseverance, and teamwork, how it shaped my characters and opened up many opportunities for me, and how my coaches and teammates provided me guidance and support through many times of crisis, but I [...]

Spontaneous Thoughts during Spring Break

This week is my school's spring break, and I am currently on a training trip with my track teammates in Claremont, CA. We spent our mornings practicing and filled our afternoons with adventures including hiking, swimming, beach volleyball, movies, mini golf... (Check out my instagram @goldenplum715 for pictures of food and travel). There was still [...]

Real Talk: My Deepest Fear

A couple of weeks ago, one of my childhood friends visited me, and within minutes of seeing each other and trying to catch up on everything in each other's lives, the topic of relationships inevitably surfaced. "So, are you dating anyone right now?" She asked. I smiled and told her, "No. I am happily single [...]

Claiming the Femine Power

Every time I expressed the opinion that everyone should be a feminist to a guy friend, I would get this kind of confused look and hesitant nod, followed up by the question, "what do you mean by feminist?" Well, by feminist, I mean someone who has the ability to claim and respect the feminine power. [...]

How to support someone struggling with an eating disorder

A lot of people have asked me what they could do to support me or someone else when I revealed to them about my history with eating disorder. Since this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I decided to share some information from my personal experiences about how to support someone struggling with an [...]

Single and Content on Valentine’s Day

In the past, during the time around Valentine's Day (really any other days too), I would look at couples full of envy, wishing I had someone whom I can be glued to, share a box of chocolate with, and send a love note to, and fearing that I never would find that someone. I know [...]